PumpWest supply and service a diverse range of pumps including ITT Lowara, Franklin, Pentair Stalker, Southern Cross, Davey and Grundfos. However should you require another brand, we have strong relationships with many major manufacturers and suppliers across Australia.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps, are one of the more common styles of pumps, they are generally used for water transfer, Irrigation and heating as well as cooling applications. They are commonly used in domestic, commercial, agricultural and mining services.

PumpWest supply and service all brands of centrifugal pumps including, ITT Lowara, Pentair Southern Cross, Stalker, Davey, Regent, Onga, Franklin, Aquaplus, Ebara and Grundfos.

Submersible Bore Pumps

Submersible pumps are frequently used in applications such as water transfer, Irrigation and general water supply.

PumpWest Engineering has the capacity to remove various size submersible pumps. From small to very large pumps servicing domestic, agricultural and commercial clients.

With a fully equipped workshop PumpWest can repair all brands of submersible pumps in a timely manner.

PumpWest supply and service all brands of submersible pumps including, ITT Lowara, Pentair Southern Cross, Davey, Franklin and Grundfos.

Vertical multistage pressure pumps

Vertical multi stage pumps are a specialised pump and used in applications requiring high pressure and high flow. They are a versatile pump, and used on large irrigation systems, water transfer and pressure boosting systems.

Vertical multi stage pumps can also be variable speed drive VSD with benefits of:

Improved reliability

Because variable speed pumps run at speeds below their maximum, there is a reduction in wear, particularly in mechanical seals.

Improved control

Variable speed pump controllers can monitor small variations in pressure and make adjustments accordingly. This also means there is less likelihood of sudden changes in flow or pressure.

Variable speed pumps are commonly used for caravan parks and commercial irrigation systems.

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